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What does a Bluetooth Transmitter Do? How Does it Work?

by Avantree Support 16 Apr 2024

How Do Bluetooth Transmitters Work?


Have you thought about connecting Bluetooth Headphones to a TV, PC, or Gaming Console that doesn’t have Bluetooth? Wonder if it’s possible to have two headphones connected to the same device at the same time?

Well, ALL of these CAN be done.

All you need is a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter.

So, what Exactly is a Bluetooth Transmitter and how does it work?

In this article, we’ll give you a better idea on what exactly is a Bluetooth Transmitter and what does a Bluetooth Transmitter do.


1. How Does a Bluetooth Transmitter Work?

2. How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter?

3. "Special" Bluetooth Transmitters that offers "Special" Features.


Alright, lets jump right in!

How Does a Bluetooth Transmitter Work?

Bluetooth transmitters, sometimes known as “Bluetooth Adapters” or “Bluetooth Converters,” may come in all kinds of shapes and forms, optimized for different types of audio source devices... but their basic functions are the all the same.

They CONVERT wired audio signals into wireless audio signals, and then “transmit” the wireless signals into your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

How does a Bluetooth Transmitter Work?

In other words, they “ADD” Bluetooth audio capability to your non-Bluetooth devices.



How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter?


Bluetooth transmitters are usually plugged into the Audio Output Port on the Audio source such as your TV, Gaming Console or PC… And then “paired” with your Bluetooth Headphones or Speaker via Bluetooth, thereby transmitting the audio wirelessly.


Additionally, Bluetooth transmitters can usually handle up to two devices at the same time, allowing you to share the experience with a partner.

However, current Bluetooth technology can only handle up to TWO headphones at once; if you’d like to more than two pairs of headphones connected at the same time, you’ll need to use RF2.4G technology. See the video below for more.



Additional Special Features that are Useful.

To make the setup procedure easier, manufacturers have come up with different “OPTIONS” that will save you lots of effort.

For instance, Headphone and Transmitter sets that are already pre-connected, so you don’t have to pair them up yourself.

Single Headphone Model:

Bluetooth 5 0 Headphones for Tv without Bluetooth

Dual (Two) Headphones Model:

Two Headphones One TV

Or Models that’ll work alongside with your existing external speakers (sound bar, AV receiver etc.), so other people in your household can still hear the TV.

Bluetooth Converter for Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Tv


Or ones that come with a display screen so you know exactly what you’re doing.

Bluetooth Transmitter for Connecting Headphones to any TV

Even ones that provide high quality voice chats during gaming & meetings.

Bluetooth Headphone for Ps5 with Mic


There is always a perfect Bluetooth Audio Transmitter that’ll fit your need.

Avantree has been the Industry Leader in this field for over 10 years and offers a variety of Bluetooth Transmitter options. If you're not sure what you need, send us an email at or leave your questions & comments in the section below, let us know what you'd like to do, we'll do our best to help you... free of charge!

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