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How to Connect TWO Headphones to the SAME TV? This is What You NEED.

by Avantree Support 12 Apr 2024

To connect TWO Bluetooth Headphones to ONE Television (If you want to do more than 2, please skip to bottom) and have audio come through both headphones at the same time, you'll need a Bluetooth Wireless Adapter, something like these:

Avantree Orbit (Learn MoreONLY Bluetooth Transmitter on the market with LCD Screen Display

Oasis Plus (Learn More)

Oasis Plus

Audikast Plus (Learn More)

These adapters can handle up to 2 pairs of headphones at the same time. If you use headphones that support aptX Low Latency, you'll get perfectly synchronized Visual-Audio.


Here's a video to give you an idea on how to do it:


IF you don't already own Bluetooth headphones, not to worry, there are also Adapter + Headphone Combos. Most combos come with only one headphone, in which you can purchase a second pair of headphones independently and connect to the adapter. The procedure will be something like this:

Avantree HT5009 (Learn More)

If you want to save even more trouble, there are also models that come with TWO Headphones + One Adapter... Something like this:

Avantree Audikast D4169 (Learn More)

How to Have Two Headphones Connected to One TV


Avantree HT41866(Learn More)

These Adapter + Headphone Combos are actually much easier to use, requires less technical knowledge; all you have to do is Connect the Adapter to your TV, turn them on, turn the Headphones on and you'd be good to go!

They come in a variety of forms... Over-the-ear, in-ear, neckband... etc. And you'll find that most of them can handle 2 headphones.

IF you're still not sure, here's a video we made that may help you decide on what you want:


Avantree provides a free hearing test for those who can't hear well. This quick, 5-minute activity will test whether or not you have hearing loss. Click here and start the testing 



If you'd like to do More than 2 Headphones, there are solutions for that too - How to Connect up to 100 Headphones at the Same Time?

You might be also interested in the 2.4G wireless TV headphones Set. The transmitter dock can simultaneously support to 100 HT280 original headphines 


Avantree HT280

Or you may send us an email at; our agents can help you make that purchase decision.

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