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How to use HDMI ARC with Smart TVs and a Soundbar

by Avantree Support 18 Apr 2024

The Avantree HAX05 is a handy device that can really help people who want to utilize their TV’s HDMI ARC port. Here are ways that the HAX05 can meet your TV setup needs.


If your TV is mounted to the wall and your audio ports are hard to reach, or you have a TV with only HDMI ARC and no other audio out ports, the HAX05 can add Optical and RCA ports to your TV! If you’re using an HDMI ARC soundbar and you’re not getting any sound through your other devices, you can use the HAX05’s pass-through function to fix this problem.


HDMI ARC Audio Extractor



First, the HAX05 can serve as an HDMI ARC Audio Extractor. The HAX05 extracts the audio signal coming from your TV’s HDMI port and converts it into Optical or RCA output. This is useful if your TV is mounted to the wall and the optical/headphone port is hard to reach. You can connect the HAX05 to your TV’s HDMI port, and voila! You now have Optical and RCA ports available for use with your other audio devices.


HDMI ARC Audio Pass-through



If you are using your TV's HDMI ARC port for an HDMI ARC soundbar or AV receiver, you may have had trouble connecting other audio devices to your TV. It’s been a real headscratcher for many: not being able to get a valid audio output signal from your TV after having connected an ARC soundbar or AV receiver. The reason this is happening is actually tied to the HDMI ARC technology behind this. In many cases, when you connect something to your TV’s HDMI ARC port, your TV will prioritize outputting audio via HDMI ARC, disabling the rest of your TV’s audio output ports and rendering them effectively useless. That’s why when you plug in an HDMI ARC soundbar to your TV, you can’t get any sound from your Bluetooth headphones that are connected to a Bluetooth transmitter.


If you’re in this predicament, please consider the HAX05. Seeking to find audio solutions to help our customers hear better, we at Avantree have developed the first iteration of HDMI ARC pass-through. This unique function allows you to have simultaneous audio output through your headphones AND your external HDMI ARC sound bar or AV receiver. You’ll plug the HAX05 into your TV’s HDMI ARC port, then plug your HDMI ARC sound bar and your Bluetooth transmitter (or other audio device) to the HAX05. Both will work simultaneously, allowing you to avoid the technical limitations of your TV.


If you’re interested in the HAX05, you can purchase it at our site here! The holidays are right around the corner, and we’re celebrating by running sales and discounts across our site. Happy shopping!

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