Intellectual Property

Any information posted on the Site or the interactive platform should not infringe the intellectual property of any third party. You cannot upload, release, change, spread, or copy any material or trademark under copyright protection, or proprietary information of others, without the written consent of the owner. If Avantree receives the appropriate notice from any copyright owner or its legal representative, we will remove the related content after investigation. Graphics, words and composition involving Avantree and other Avantree logos appear in Avantree products and services are the trademarks of Avantree. Without written consent, you cannot display or use them in other manners in any way. By no means can any entity or individual use, copy, change, spread, transcribe any part of the trademark or bundling sell with other products.

In addition to the provisions therefore, you can promptly contact us through our email address ( ) if you think someone has copied or published your work on the Site, and also infringed your copyright. Please also include the following information in the written notice:

  • 1. Materials evidencing that you have copyright or you are authorized to exercise copyright of the allegedly infringing content;
  • 2. Your explicit identification, address and contact information;
  • 3. The network address of the allegedly infringing content;
  • 4. The description of the allegedly infringing copyright works;
  • 5. Materials evidencing that your copyright infringed;
  • 6. Under the premise that you agree to bear all consequences of perjury, you issue written statement of the accuracy and authenticity of the content in your written notice.