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What is ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)?

by Avantree Support 16 Apr 2024

What is ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation)?


What is ENC? You might be familiar with ANC, or Active Noise Cancellation, for your headphones, but have you heard of ENC? To start, ENC stands for Environmental Noise Cancellation. This technology is commonly found in headphones with microphones and is not a widely used term. ENC is commonly presented alongside ANC in blogs and videos about headphones and mics nowadays, but ANC and ENC are not the same thing.


ANC is for your own personal hearing; when you’re listing to your music or you’re watching the big reveal scene of your favorite movie, ANC takes the noise around you and tries to reduce it so that you can hear your music or movies better. There are a multitude of ways to do so, but the most known type uses a microphone and speaker to invert the soundwaves around you so that it minimizes the noise. In other words, if your noise is at +5, the technology will create a soundwave at -5, and what you’ll hear through your speaker is 0.


ANC in use headphone filtering noise and reducing soundman using avantree aria 8090T bluetooth headphone with boom mic


On the other end, ENC is for the hearing of whoever you’re talking to. Similar to ANC, ENC uses a two-microphone, noise reduction technology, but it does so for the benefit of the other line. The easiest example to showcase is our Alto 8060.

 women on phone call two babies on left mom holding phone woman on right using Avantree Alto 8060 with boom mic


You can see on the Alto 8060 boom mic that there are two microphones: one on the inner part of the attachment, closer to the mouth, and one on the outer part. The inner microphone does the obvious; it takes the voice of the user and amplifies it. The second microphone takes in the noise around it, recognizes the frequency it’s at, and reduces all noises from that frequency. Then, both optimized sounds are sent through, so all your caller hears is your amplified voice.

 avantree alto 8060 boom mic outer micavantree alto 8060 boom mic inner midavantree alto 8060 with boom mic


This technology is a great innovation for so many situations. In office settings or call centers, customers won’t hear the bustle or murmur of the people talking right next to you. When taking interviews in a café or from home, your interviewers won’t hear the laughter of the kids behind your screen. For true wireless earbuds, you’ll be able to pick up a call while jogging in the park and still have a quality conversation.

 woman studying at home man working on laptop woman in call center


One thing to note is that all audio wear is made differently. With true wireless/Bluetooth earbuds, they may boast ENC or noise-cancellation technology, but since the microphone might be placed much farther from your mouth than it would be with a headset with a boom mic, the voice clarity may not be as great.

 woman on left using avantree alto 8060 with mic highlighted man on right exercising using avantree ace 130 mic highlighted

In all, ENC is a great addition to the different features you may want to look for in your next set of wireless headphones or earbuds. Avantree prides itself in always trying to improve our products. Here are some of the products we have that have ENC:


 avantree alto 8060 bluetooth headphone with detachable boom mic and charging stand and usb dongleAvantree aria pro bluetooth headphone with detachable boom micAvantree aria 8090T bluetooth headphones with detachable boom mic charging stand, and usb dongle and notice of ENc compatible version projected launch fall 2022


Links to products on images or in text below



      Current Products

            ~ Alto 8060

            ~ Aria Pro 2


      To Be Launched

            ~ Aria 8090T with ENC (mid 2022)

                  * The current Aria 8090T does not support ENC



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