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by Avantree Support 15 Apr 2024

Philips TV Bluetooth Headphones, How to Connect?

If you can't hear your TV well and you don't want to blast the volume, connecting wireless headphones to your TV is a good & easy way to let you Hear it Better without Disturbing Others.

This can be done on pretty much every Philips TV, whether it's a Smart TV or not.

If you’d like to connect Bluetooth Headphones to a Philips TV, we recommend that you use a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter even if your TV has built-in Bluetooth.

Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter:

Bluetooth Adapter for Connecting Headphones to Philips TV



Because with these, you'll be able to:

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to your Philips TV using a Bluetooth Adapter?

1. Connect your Bluetooth Adapter to Power.

2. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your Philips TV’s audio output port. Our adapters support Digital Optical (aka TOSLINK or SPDIF,) 3.5mm Auxiliary (aka Headphones Jack,) and RCA (Red/White) Audio Output Ports. Please see your adapter's user manual for more details.

3. Get your Headphones into pairing mode (Please see your headphone's user manual.)

4. Get your Bluetooth adapter into Bluetooth Pairing mode as well. Please see your user manual if you're not sure how.

5. Keep your Headphones and the Adapter close to each other until they connect.

6. Once connected, if you're using Digital Optical connection, please go to your TV settings menu and change your Digital Audio Format to PCM.

7. And you should be good to go!

If you Don’t Already Own Bluetooth Headphones…


In case you don’t already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones, not to worry. You’d also have the option to go with Headphones + Adapter combos; these are even easier to use because the adapter and the headphones would have already been connected, you won’t have to go through the hassle of Bluetooth pairing yourself.

Furthermore, combos like these guarantees Perfectly Synchronized audio so you’ll never have to suffer from Bluetooth audio lag.

Headphones + Adapter Combo:
Bluetooth Headphones for Philips TV


Dual Headphones Model (2 Headphones, One TV):


If no sound after connecting an Adapter or a pair of Bluetooth Headphones to your Philips TV/Smart TV, please troubleshoot using this video:



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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