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Why is my Bluetooth Connection Breaking Up? How Do I Fix It?

by Avantree Support 12 Apr 2024

How to Avoid Interference when Using Bluetooth?

Have you experienced “Stuttering” or “Hissing” or “Static “noise in your Bluetooth headphones? Have you encountered random audio cuts even when your Mobile Device is nearby? Well, I have, and I find it extremely annoying.
These “Bluetooth Stuttering” issues” are most likely caused by some sort of signal interference.

So, what are the possible Solutions and how can you avoid it?

We’ve got a few methods for you to try, and we’ll explain them in more details

1. Unpair the Devices and Reconnect them again.

2. Move away from the Source of Interference or Move the Source of Interference away.

3. Check and see if the Device has Bluetooth Connectivity Issues.

4. Bluetooth Version Upgrade?

5. Extend your Bluetooth Range?

Method 1: Unpair the Devices and Reconnect them Again.

This is probably what most people would try in this situation. This method should be able to fix all the minor connectivity issues and stabilize the connection.

  • Turn off your Headphones/Speaker and Restart it.
  • If the step above didn’t fix it, try Factory Resetting your Headphones/Speaker and pair them up with your device again.


Method 2: Move away from the Source of Interference.

Look around. Here are some possible sources of interference.

  • Physical: Pillar, wall, your Roommate… basically anything physical. The worst “physical interference source” is metal obstacles… it can be a metal board or simply the fixtures in your concrete walls.
  • Non-Physical: WiFi Router, TV Streaming Device (Roku, Apple TV etc.), or another Bluetooth device.

Once you’ve located a source of interference, either move them away or move away from them.
Please note that we’ve also seen cases where wireless signals from outside the apartment also managed to negatively affect the Bluetooth signal… causing the Bluetooth Headphones Stuttering issue, so please do look around.

Bluetooth Stuttering lssue how to fix

Method 3: Check and See if the Device has Bluetooth Connectivity Issues.

In other words… check and see if it’s your Headphone/Speaker… or even your phone that’s the source of the issue. Maybe its Bluetooth antenna is damaged, or maybe you’ve just received a faulty product.

The easiest way to check is simple connecting it to something else and see if the same issue persists. You may also try going to an open area such as a park or a parking lot and test it out.

Cross check thoroughly so you can correctly pinpoint the source of the issue.

If it is your device that’s faulty… well, you know what to do.

If not, you’ll have to check around again for the source of interference… otherwise the issue will persist even if you purchase a new device.

Method 4: Upgrade the Bluetooth Version?

Of course, the newer the Bluetooth version, the better/stabler the connection should be. As of right now (February 2021,) the newest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.2. If your device’s Bluetooth version is below 4.2, please consider upgrading to a device that’s at least Bluetooth 5.0.

Newer version of Bluetooth doesn’t guarantee perfect connection, but it should greatly reduce the chance/frequency of Bluetooth breaking up.

Examples of Bluetooth 5.0+ Headphones…

Bluetooth 5 0 open ear True wireless

How to Fix Bluetooth Breaking Up lssues

Method 5: Extend your Bluetooth Range?

This method only applies IF you have range requirements; if you’re just using the device on your mobile device, you most likely won’t need this.

On the other hand, if you’re going to be moving around the house while the “audio source” stays put (such as a conference call or watching TV with Bluetooth Headphones), you should consider using a Bluetooth “Extender” or a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter.

A good Bluetooth Transmitter usually comes with Class 1 Bluetooth (Class 1 has better range than Class 2 but consumes more power) and can give you better range than direct connections.

Better range = Stabler Connections = Less chance of Bluetooth Stuttering.

Examples of Long-Range Bluetooth Transmitters:


Bluetooth 5.0 Range Extender for improving Bluetooth connection


Bluetooth Extender for Pc Windows Macbook Laptop computer

Avantree Bluetooth Extender for Extending Bluetooth Range



Bluetooth Stuttering, Bad Bluetooth Range, Bluetooth Audio Cuts - 99% of these issues are caused by Interference issues. Find the Source of Interference = Fix the Issue.

Sometimes it takes a while to find it so please be patient and don't express your anger on the devices... otherwise you'll really have to buy a new one.


Still got questions? Feel free to leave them in the comment section below, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. You may also contact us at

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