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How Can I Hear TV without Disturbing Others? How to Make TV Louder?

by Avantree Support 17 Apr 2024

A Guide to Making TV Louder without breaking Someone Else’s Eardrums.

Too loud outside? Regressed hearing? Hearing impaired? Can’t hear your TV well enough so you always had to turn the volume all the way up? Trying to find a way to hear TV without Disturbing others?

Or… do you know someone who can’t hear his/her TV and turns the volume through the roof? Either way… here’s a solution for you to consider.

This solution is mainly for users who haven’t started wearing hearing aids yet… but it can also be used up by hearing aid users.

The solution’s name is TV HEADPHONES.

- A solution to Hear TV Better without Disturbing Others.

We'll be introducing this solution in this order:

1. What are TV Headphones and What can they Do?

2. Wired TV Headphones and How to Use them?

3. Wireless TV Headphones and How to Connect them?


What are TV Headphones and What can they Do?

TV Headphones are just well… regular headphones connected to TV. With a headphone like this, your TV’s audio will get transmitted through the headphones and you’ll be able to listen “closer” without having to actually sit close to the TV.

When you plug a headphone into the TV’s audio port, it may or may not mute the TV speakers (this depends entirely on the TV itself.) If it does, great, because other people won’t have to hear anything no matter what you do with the volume… it’ll all be in your headphones; if it doesn’t, it’s still fine, because you should be able to manually mute the TV while still getting audio through the headphones.

Just like regular headphones, they come in all sorts of different forms: Wired, wireless, over-the-ear, earplug… etc. You can look around and find the best one for you; they can all help you hear your TV better.


For this article, we’ll just focus on the basics: Wired and Wireless.


Wired TV Headphones and How to Connect them to TV

Wired TV headphones often come with an exceedingly long cord, so you don’t have to sit right in front of your TV. They’re usually quite easy to use; simply plug it into your TV’s Headphone jack and they’ll start working. Here are a couple of examples:

However, a long cord like that may not only cause you to have to stay within range but may also trip someone over easily. This brings us to the wireless ones.

Wireless TV Headphones and How to Use them with TV

Wireless TV headphones are slightly more complicated but they do give you the freedom to walk around in your house while still getting the full audio from TV.

So, How do Wireless Headphones work for TV anyway?

Before you start looking into the Bluetooth TV headphones online, you should check your TV’s user manual and see if it comes with built-in Bluetooth capability or not.

IF your TV HAS Bluetooth, GREAT! All you have to do is basically purchase any Bluetooth headphone in the market and follow the user manual to pair them up with your TV.

If TV Does NOT Have Bluetooth, Can I Add Bluetooth to TV?

So what happens if my TV doesn't have Bluetooth? Is there a solution?

The answer is YES! You’ll just have to go for a Wireless Adapter + Headphones Set. Something like this:

Avantree Bluetooth 5.0 headphones for tv opera sound bar AVR support


Avantree wireless bluetooth 5.0 TV headphones with charging dock

With these, instead of the headphone itself, you’ll wire-connect the Adapter (a.k.a. Base or Dock or Transmitter, whatever you like to call it) to your TV’s audio output port.

There are THREE main types of audio output ports: Digital Optical (aka SPDIF or TOSLINK), 3.5mm Auxiliary (often labeled as HEADPHONES), and Red/White RCA; the adapters in the market usually supports all three so not to worry. Just make sure that the port is labeled “AUDIO OUT.”

Once you’ve set them up, the TV will send audio into the Adapter, and the adapter will transmit audio into the headphones wirelessly, making it a perfect device to hear TV better.

Please note that this option can still be used even if your TV comes with built-in Bluetooth.

Why you Should still go for Headphones + Adapter Set even if your TV has built-in Bluetooth? 

Here are the main reasons:

1. The Adapter allows you to connect a 2nd pair of headphones, so if you have someone else who needs one in your household, this is a perfect option. And you can choose a combo like a transmitter and dual wireless headphones for TV,  you will just simply connect the transmitter to TV and enjoy the movies with your family or friend.  

The “set” should already be connected when you receive them, so once you’ve plugged the adapter into your TV it should start working… no need to go through the painful Bluetooth searching and pairing process.

3. The “set” guarantees PERFECT AUDIO-VISUAL SYNCHRONIZATION, no audio lag.

Not sure where to get them? Simply look up "headphones to watch TV without disturbing others" or "TV Headphones" on Google, or better yet, visit AVANTREE.COM for a wide selection of amazing 5-star Headphones for TV.


If you prefer learning through video, here’s one that may help.


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Still got questions? Feel free to either leave them in the comments section below or send us an email at

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