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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Amazon Fire TV?

by Avantree Support 08 Apr 2024

Watch Amazon Fire TV with Wireless Headphones.


TV streaming devices have quietly become a new trend in the Television industry, Amazon Fire TV series being one of the more successful examples, especially in the United States market.

Backed by the E-Commerce giant, Fire TV offers a ton of entertainment choices… Netflix, Amazon Prime (DUH!) HBO Max, Hulu etc… all kinds of fun.

Unfortunately, for some people, they’re unable to enjoy it nearly as much because they can’t hear well; while we’re fully submersed into the awesome Avengers soundtrack, they may be having a hard time trying to even understand what’s happening.

So, how can we help them?

Luckily, there is a way. We can’t make the TV loud enough, but we CAN "Bring the Sound CLOSER."

The solution we’re talking about is Headphones for TV, Bluetooth Headphones for TV to be exact.

By listening to the TV through a pair of Bluetooth Headphones, the user will be able to hear the TV better without having to blast the TV speakers. Furthermore, because Bluetooth headphones are wireless, the user CAN walk around freely, and no one will be tripped over by the wire… because there is none!


In this article, we’ll introduce the different ways of using Bluetooth headphones with your Amazon Fire TV.

1. Amazon Fire Stick, Fire Cube, Fire Blaster – Connect Directly.

2. Connect using a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter (Connect up to TWO Headphones).

3. Connect using your TV’s Built-In Bluetooth (IF your TV has that).

Connect Wireless Headphones to Fire TV



Method 1: Connect Directly to the Fire TV Steaming Device.


The newer models of Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube all come with Bluetooth function that allows you to connect ONE pair of Bluetooth Headphones to it.

To get to the Bluetooth Options Menu, from the Main Homepage:


How to Connect Bluetooth Devices to Amazon Fire TV

Once you get your Bluetooth Headphones into Bluetooth pairing mode, it should show up on the DISCOVERED DEVICES list, and you’ll be able to select it to connect.

This is probably the easiest and most straight forward method to do it, and it won’t mute the TV speakers.

HOWEVER, if you go with this method, ONLY the contents from the Fire TV will come through to your headphones; if you have another device inputting content into your TV (such as a Blu-Ray Player or Cable Box,) the Headphones won’t work.

ALSO, the Amazon Fire Stick (or Cube) only allows you to connect ONE pair of headphones at once. If you’d like to Connect TWO Headphones at the Same Time, you’ll have to go with Method 2.



Method 2: Connect using a Bluetooth Transmitter Adapter (Connect up to TWO Headphones).


Method 2 can be used on ANY TV: Smart TVs, Non-Smart TVs, Flatscreen, OLED… as long as the TV has a working audio output port.

Also, this is the method we’d recommend for TVs with built-in Fire TV (e.g. Insignia or Toshiba.)

Bluetooth adapters can easily be found and purchased. They look something like this:

 Bluetooth Adapter for Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to Tv

Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter for Connecting Wireless Headphones to any TV

With a Bluetooth adapter, you’ll basically be able to add Bluetooth capabilities to your TV and connect your Bluetooth TV Headphones and/or speakers to them.

Other benefits of using a Bluetooth transmitter include:

  • a. Able to connect two Bluetooth headphones/speakers at the same time.
  • b. No audio lag when used with headphones that support aptX low latency.
  • c. Some models even support simultaneous audio output through the headphones (that are paired to the transmitter) AND your External TV Speaker… thus “bypassing” the issue where some TVs automatically get muted when something’s plugged into their audio output jacks.


Setting up a Bluetooth adapter is quite straight forward: Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your TV’s audio output port, and Bluetooth “Pair” your Bluetooth headphones to the adapter.

If you find this procedure difficult, some manufacturers have made it easy by providing Headphone + Adapter Combos.

With a combo like this, you’ll not only save the effort of having to purchase the adapter and the headphones separately, but also skip the notorious procedure of pairing the headphones TO the adapter.

Additionally, in case there’s another person who needs the help of headphones in your household, there are Dual Wireless Headphones models available, allowing you share the experience with a partner.

However, if you’d like to Connect more than Two Pairs of headphones, you’ll need to go with a different solution. See How to Connect More than Two Pairs of Headphones to One Source.



Bluetooth Headphone + Adapter Set

iWireless Headphones for Smart TV


Dual Wireless Headphones + Adapter Set
Two Headphones on One TV



In case there's no sound coming out of your Fire TV Headphones, you may try to troubleshoot here: Amazon Fire TV No Sound, What to Do?

Method 3: Connect using your TV’s Built-In Bluetooth (IF your TV has that).


If your TV has built-in Bluetooth, you’ll be able to find it in the settings menu. If it’s there, you’ll have to get your headphones into Bluetooth pairing mode and find it in your TV’s Bluetooth menu. Once it shows up, you’ll select it in the menu to connect.

TV with Bluetooth Built-in



If you’re still not sure if this is what you need, feel free to contact us at, we’ll do our best to help.


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