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A New way of Life - Multi-Headphones Wireless TV Set

by Avantree Support 17 Apr 2024

It’s 2021 – year #2 of Covid. Like it or not, our lives have drastically changed. The most obvious one being that we’ve been spending a lot more time at home.

We see our partner/kids/parents/roommates etc. a LOT more than before. While this sounds very sweet, we all know that this “sweetness” inevitably comes with more quarrels, more fights over TV, and more “hey can you turn that down I’m in a meeting!”

Well, we can’t solve all your problems, but we can certainly help… with our newly launched Avantree Q5049 Multi-Headphone TV set. Multiple wireless headphones with one transmitter could reduce a lot of unpleasantness.

Balancing the Lives of Everyone in the Household

The Avantree Q5049 is a Multi-Headphone Wireless TV Set that comes with 4 pairs of headphones and a wireless transmitter.
The transmitter can be plugged into pretty much any device that outputs audio – TV, Projector, PC, Blu-ray Player, Stereo AV Receiver etc. It’ll then transmit the audio wirelessly into all the headphones connected to it.
Even though the Q5049 only comes with four pairs of headphones, you can purchase additional 5049 wireless headphones independently and add up to 100 pairs to the same transmitter.

Staying at home more means more compromising.

  • With the Q5049 wireless headphones for smart TV, kids (or your partner/parents) can watch TV quietly while you focus on your work.
  • With the Q5049, you can enjoy a late-night TV show/gaming session in the living room without waking up the others.
  • With the Q5049, you can host a backyard movie watching party without disturbing your grumpy neighbors.
  • And with the Q5049, household members who are hard of hearing can listen to the TV at a volume of their liking without having to blast the TV speakers through the roof.

Yup, it'll Work with your Device

The Q5049 supports three different types of audio: Optical (a.k.a TOSLINK or SPDI/F), 3.5mm AUX (Sometimes labeled with a headphone icon), and Red/White RCA. So as long as your device can output audio through any ONE of these formats, or if you have a converter that can convert audio into one of these formats, the Q5049 will work.
TV, Stereo Receiver, Blu-Ray Player, Projector, PC, Cable Box and more.

All Synchronized, No Audio Lag

Had a negative experience using wireless headphones on TV due to off-sync visual and audio? Not to worry. The Q5049 wireless kit uses 2.4Ghz technology (NOT Bluetooth) for broadcasting audio; it reduces the audio lag down to ~ 7ms, significantly less than the 220ms of Standard Bluetooth and the 40ms of aptX Low Latency. You will experience NO lip-sync delay no matter how many receivers you connect.

Additionally, the audio will also be perfectly synchronized between all the headphones that are connected; no one will be “left behind”.

Independent Volume Control

We all hear differently, and the volume level that works for one person does not always work for another. The Q5049 solves this issue by allowing each headphone connected to adjust its volume independently, letting the user personalize his/her volume level without affecting the other users (headphones).

Soundbar/Stereo AV Receiver Support

The “Pass-through” feature of Q5049 allows it to work TOGETHER with your existing Soundbar or Stereo AV Receivers WHILE sharing the same audio output port on TV. The headphone user will be able to hear the TV at his/her own volume while others can still enjoy the same programs through the external speakers.

Stay Connected, Never Miss a Thing

The 2.4Ghz wireless technology in the Avantree Q5049 set provides stable & reliable connection of up to 100 ft/30 m indoors and up to 300 ft/100m outdoors. Feel free to move around, the connection will remain, and you won’t miss a thing. However, please note that physical obstacles may negatively affect the actual range.

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