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How to Add Bluetooth to Stereo Receiver / AV Receiver

by Avantree Support 15 Apr 2024

A Guide to Adding Bluetooth Capability to your Stereo AVR


We get a lot of questions like “Is it possible to connect my Bluetooth headphones to my Old AVR?” or “Can I play music from my iPhone to my Stereo receiver wirelessly?” or… you know, all kinds of stuff about adding Bluetooth capability to your AV Receiver.

In short, you can DEFINITELY add Bluetooth to a Stereo Receiver! But depending on what you want to do, there are a couple of different ways to do it. In this article, we’ll walk you through all of them.

In case you prefer Learning through a Video...


1. How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to AV Receiver? How to Hear your Receiver through Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?


For this method, you will need to:

a)Find the audio output port on your AVR.
The audio output ports aren’t hard to find; look to the back of your Receiver, find something that’s labeled “AUDIO OUT” or “OUTPUT.”
If you can’t find anything in the back, you may use the PHONES or HEADPHONES jack located on the frontside of the Receiver.

connect bluetooth headphones to av receiver
how to add bluetooth to stereo avr

b)Get a Bluetooth Audio Adapter (Bluetooth Transmitter).
Once you’ve found the port, you’ll plug the transmitter into it and pair your Bluetooth headphones or speaker with the transmitter. That way, you’ll be able to hear the audio through your headphones.
Oh, by the way, Bluetooth transmitters can easily be found on Amazon and most other online marketplaces. They look something like this:

Audikast Plus Bluetooth 5 0 transmitter connect two headphones to one TV aptx low latency

 TC419 dual antenna Bluetooth 5.0 transmitte receiver for watching tv with wireless Bluetooth headphones

2. How do I Stream Music to my Stereo Receiver?

Play Music from your Mobile Device through the AVR (and whatever’s connected to it.)

If you’d like to stream music from your phone or tablet and play them through your Stereo Receiver, you’ll need a slightly different Bluetooth Adapter: a Bluetooth Audio Receiver.

Not to worry, Bluetooth receivers are just as easily to find and buy. They look something like this:

Oasis B Bluetooth 5.0 adapter for streaming music from phone to stereo
Roxa Plus Bluetooth receiver for playing music from phone into devices with no bluetooth

Once youve got one, youll need to locate an AUDIO INPUT port on your AVR and connect the Bluetooth receiver to it youll then pair your Mobile Device with the Bluetooth receiver and stream away!


3. Use Bluetooth Headphones ALONGSIDE the Speakers Connected to AVR.

This option often goes with TV: Customers already have the AVR connected to the TV and would like to add Bluetooth headphones into the mix.

The main issue with this option is usually that if you connect a transmitter directly into the AVR’s output port, it’ll mute everything else, which defeats the whole purpose.

Luckily, we came up with a solution for you – the “Bypass” or “Pass-through” feature. A few of our adapters come with this feature, specifically Oasis Plus and Orbit.

Orbit Bluetooth 5.0 adapter transmitter with screen  dsplay and sound bar support
Oasis Plus Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter adapter for connecting headphones to TV with av receiver support


This feature allows the adapter to be placed in between your TV and your AVR, have the wire and audio go through the adapter WHILE the adapter functions as a Bluetooth transmitter.

This way your AVR and the headphones (connected to the adapter) can all work at the same time and can all be controlled independently.

Not exactly adding Bluetooth to AV Receiver directly, but it works ????.

Here's a Video that'll Help you Understand this Feature:


We understand that AV Receivers are extremely complicated by nature and there are tons of different ways to use them… if what you’re looking for is not included in this article or you’d like to learn more about adding Bluetooth to Stereo Receiver, please feel free to contact our professional support team at, or simply leave your questions in the comment section below.

Stay safe and happy holidays!


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