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Can I Connect My Wireless Headphones to Two Different TVs?

by Avantree Support 17 Apr 2024

Normally, if you want to use your wireless headphones with two different TVs, you can’t have them connected to both TVs at the same time. If you need to switch between TVs, you’ll need to disconnect them from the first TV, then head over to your second TV and connect them there. It doesn’t matter whether your TV has onboard Bluetooth or if you’re using a Bluetooth transmitter, you’ll need to disconnect and pair each time.


The Avantree Shift is a simple and clean solution for this problem. With the Shift, you can use the same headphones across two different TVs. When you want to switch TVs, all you need to do is change the channel using the switch on the headphones to match the channel on the corresponding Shift TV transmitter, and you’re good to go!



The Shift is a set of 2 headphones & 2 transmitters that can be set up with 2 TVs. Each pair of headphones can work individually with each transmitter (1 pair of headphones per transmitter), or both pairs of headphones can also work with a single transmitter (2 pairs of headphones connected to 1 transmitter). They are fully cross-compatible, so you can swap between TVs and transmitters quickly and easily. The above diagram shows the advantages of the Shift compared to other multi-headphones sets. Only the Shift allows you to freely switch between TVs with ease.


This makes the Shift very versatile. Not only can you use the same pair of headphones on two different TVs, but someone can also join you with the second pair of headphones and watch the TV at the same time! The Shift is scalable, supporting up to 100 headphones to be connected simultaneously. The Shift transmitter supports up to 3 channels, so if you have 3 TVs in the house, you can purchase an additional transmitter enabling the headphones to easily swap among the three of them.


How the Shift can work for you:


At home

- You can have a transmitter on your living room TV and your bedroom TV. When your kids come home and want to use the living room TV, you can easily move from there to the bedroom without taking off the headphones.

- Media room: customize your setup by having headphones that can switch between TVs.

For businesses

- Bar: for guests who want to drink in tranquility, give them wireless headphones and they pick which TV they want to listen to.

- Restaurant: diners can wear wireless headphones and if they want to switch TVs, you don't need to swap out their headphones.

- Gym: offer your gym goers the ability to tune in to the TV of their choice wirelessly and without the hassle of tangled cords.


Check out the Avantree Shift here:

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