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Can I Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5?

by Avantree Support 16 Apr 2024

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PS5?

As you may already know, PlayStation 5 DOES NOT come with Bluetooth capability, so you can’t connect Bluetooth headphones directly.

However, there's still a way to connect Bluetooth Headphones to your PS5... you'll just need the help of a Bluetooth USB Transmitter or a Type-C Bluetooth Transmitter.

Bluetooth Transmitter looks something like this:

DG80 Bluetooth Adapter for Connecting Bluetooth Headphones to PS5


Bluetooth 5.0 Adapter Type C


Bluetooth transmitters, sometimes known as “Bluetooth Adapters” or “Bluetooth Converters,” may come in all kinds of shapes and forms, optimized for different types of audio source devices... but their basic functions are the all the same.

They CONVERT wired audio signals into wireless audio signals, and then “transmit” the wireless signals into your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

In other words, they ADD Bluetooth Capability onto your PS5 Console, allowing you to connect Bluetooth Headset onto it.

So the question is... how to do it, exactly?

Connecting Bluetooth Headphone to PS5

Follow the Steps below to do it:

Step 1: Plug the USB Bluetooth Adapter or Type-C Bluetooth Adapter into the ports on PS5.

USB Ports on Ps5

Step 2: Get your PS5 Bluetooth Headphones/Bluetooth Headsets into Bluetooth Pairing Mode. Please refer to your headphone's user manual if you're not sure how.
**Note: Wireless
≠ Bluetooth. Please make sure that your headphone is Bluetooth not something else.

Step 3: Get the Bluetooth USB Adapter or Type-C Bluetooth Adapter into Bluetooth Pairing Mode. Again, please refer to the user manual if you're not sure how.

Step 4: Keep them close to each other until they connect. It may take up ot 30 seconds.

Step 5: Go into your PS5 settings menu and make sure that the Audio Output and Microphone Input has been set to the TRANSMITTER ADAPTER (not your Bluetooth Headphone since its not the device directly connected to PS5.)

Can l connect airpods to PS5

Step 6:
Steps 1-5 usually only allow you to “listen,” the microphone still won’t work. To get the mic to work, please get the adapter into “Talk mode” or “Conversation mode.” However, please note that not all adapters need to have this done, see your user manual for details on how to do it.

And you should be good to go!


However, due to Bluetooth technology limitations, when you try to use the microphone through the adapter while the background music plays, such as in-game voice chats, the audio quality will drop to 8 bits, and this is the same for any Bluetooth adapter on the market.

Is there a way to get Better Chat/Gaming Audio Quality?

The answer is YES!

Avantree's got you Covered!

With a special type of Bluetooth technology, when you use an Avantree Bluetooth headset alongside an Avantree adapter, the audio quality will NOT drop even during microphone mode... And there won’t be any noticeable audio lag.

You’ll be able to enjoy great audio quality while chatting with your friends on PS5.

To make things more convenient for you, Avantree even came out with Headphones + Adapter Kits that’ll let you plug and play without any hassle... no need to go through the annoying Bluetooth pairing procedure (Steps 2-4 above).

Low Latency Bluetooth headphone + Adapter Gaming Sets:

Bluetooth 5.0 Headset for PS5 Gaming

Bluetooth Headset for Discord Gaming Avantree C519M



In case you prefer learning through Video, here you go :)!



Still not sure? Leave your questions in the comments section below, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
You may also email us at, our agents will do their best to help.


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