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How to Choose Headphones for Seniors

by Avantree Support 16 Apr 2024

As people age, they often begin to experience hearing loss. This can be a frustrating and isolating experience, as it becomes difficult to follow conversations or enjoy media at a normal volume. 


Fortunately, here at Avantree, we’re dedicated to creating products specifically for seniors' hearing needs. Avantree headphones offer a range of features that make them an ideal choice for seniors who want to continue to enjoy music, TV shows, and conversation without disturbing their loved ones. Here are some of the best features to look out for when choosing headphones for Seniors.


Higher Volume

One of the most important considerations for seniors is volume. Normal headphones are typically capped at 100 decibels (dB), which is a safety feature to protect against hearing damage. However, Avantree headphones designed for seniors typically feature volume boosting capabilities, with the ability to go up to 120 dB, for example, the Avantree Shift. This allows seniors who are hard of hearing to hear better with their headphones without the need to turn up the TV volume to a disruptive level for others.

Sound Clarity 

But volume isn't the only concern when it comes to hearing. Seniors often have difficulty hearing speech clearly, especially shows or programs with noisy environments, such as in action movies where there’s a lot going on. To address this, many Avantree headphones come with EQ filters which emphasize the frequencies associated with speech (the treble) while de-emphasizing the distracting frequencies (the bass). Headphones such as the Avantree Opera have this feature which enhances speech clarity for the user. 

Individual Hearing Profile 

Additionally, every individual's hearing profile is unique, meaning that each person’s sensitivity to sound across the different frequencies is different. To remedy this, Avantree offers the Aria Me, which features calibration options that account for these differences, allowing seniors to customize their headphones towards their specific hearing needs. This can have a dramatic impact on how clearly they are able to hear and understand speech when watching TV or taking a meeting.

For Users With Less Mobility

In addition to offering higher volume, custom calibration, EQ  voice clarity modes, Avantree headphones also cater to specific groups with unique physical disabilities. For example, users who cannot raise their hands or arms may find traditional over-ear headphones cumbersome. To address this, Avantree offers the HT381, which is a stethoscope-style headphone that rests around the neck and delivers sound directly to the ear canal. This design is particularly well-suited for seniors with limited mobility or dexterity. The 381 also offers a “hearing aids” mode. Clicking the front button on the stethoscope turns the headphones into hearing aids, amplifying the noise coming from around you!


For Users With Unbalanced Hearing or With Hearing Aids

For those with SSD or unbalanced hearing, Avantree also offers the Aria Pro SSD version, which ensures that users do not lose one channel of sound. This is an important consideration for seniors who may have one ear that is stronger than the other or who rely on hearing aids to hear clearly. The Aria Pro SSD’s large and roomy earcups enable simultaneous use with hearing aids!


In conclusion, the hearing needs of seniors are quite unique. Some of the most important features to look out for when choosing headphones for seniors range from higher volume to custom calibration to voice clarity EQ modes. With a range of specialized designs and convenient features, Avantree headphones are an excellent choice for seniors who want to maintain their hearing independence with a product that is both reliable and long-lasting.


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